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Friday, June 01, 2007

and here we go

I just came from the Tangled Web and I brought home with me a cabin fever pattern for a striped top-down raglan sweater using a chunky yarn, and six hanks of Blue Sky Alpacas Blue Sky Worsted hand-dyes, color 2013 - a navy blue with hints of black, but not enough to make it unwearable per the school dress code, I think. This is going to be one expensive sweater for a six year old, but he’s so worth it It’s knitting up for me at 3.5 st/inch on size 10.5 needles, and it is the perfect fabric at that gauge. More tightly knit would not be wearable for my son, who is a space heater on leg! This yarn is 50% merino, 50% alpaca, very snuggly, and hopefully will meet his alpaca standard (the kid prefers alpaca to wool, generally speaking. I mean, so do I, but, I find his preference amusing).


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