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Thursday, June 15, 2006

argh argh argh

I hate gauge.

So, a size 4 needle produces 7 stitches/inch. Not good.
A size 6 needle produces 6 stitches/inch. Good, but, the pattern calls for 5.5 stitches/inch.

I discussed this with a lady at the LYS. A lady who works there, but whom I have never seen before. “Oh, don’t worry. It will just come out a little bigger.” How can THAT be? If I’m supposed to knit, for example, 100 stitches at 5.5 st/inch, that means it is supposed to be 18.18 inches. If instead I knit 6 st/inch for those 100 stitches, then I get 16.66 inches. This is not “just coming out a little bigger,” it is coming out smaller, and it is coming out about 8% smaller, which is not insignificant, IMO.

So here’s the problem: I can knit the picovoli with the size 6 needle and this yarn and know it will be about 8% smaller - but, I was planning to knit the size 36 and just accept the 3“ negative ease as within allowable limits. I have read of people making this with up to 5” neg ease in the bust, but I don’t want to go nuts there.... Anyway this would change that to more like a 34, I think. I’m not sure that would be ok. I mean, I don’t want to look like I’m wearing lace over my boobs. But if I increase the needle size it’s going to come out too loose of a fabric. It’s already kind of skating the edge. Of course another solution would be to buy different yarn... but I already bought THIS yarn, and I have no room to put it if I don’t use it, and, well, I like this yarn.

Argh. Should I just do it and hope for the best?


Blogger Knitnerd said...

I love your socks! esp. the Green Orange one! makes me think of the pumpkins lol... good work!

2:55 AM  

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