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Friday, June 09, 2006

knitting activity

I do have some new knitting activity to report. I’m knitting these “peas and carrots” socks for Naomi in this acid green and traffic stopping orange microspun sport weight, and they are coming out just too big, despite my having very precise gauge. Oh well. She can wear them in the fall. I’m about 2/3 done the first sock.I am very motivated to finish because then I can start my next project -- PICOTVOLI! Except, I don’t plan to do a picot edge. I plan instead to perhaps do a single row of crochet at the edges in a contrasting color. I bought the dark orange (56) and the pale one for the edge (154) of Plymouth Wildflower DK - I am very very excited to make this. I’m going to make the size that ends up with a 36“ bust - I hope it works out for me. If it is too small I’ll give it to my mom, but tons of people wrote about making this pattern with up to 5” negative ease so hopefully a 36“ bust will stretch enough to cover my 39” bust without being totally obscene. I measured a favorite sweater and it is 35“ so I think it will be ok :)


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