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Saturday, November 11, 2006

major sweater update

I have seamed the shoulders!! I have some pictures of the sweater laid out as if it were all seamed, but it isn’t - just the shoulder seams. I just put the sleeves in position (although I put on sort of crooked I see) and I am so excited. I’m just not thrilled with my shoulder seams so i am really hesitant to try seaming the sleeves/sides. I need to get some chutzpah together and just do it.

I also finished my magic ball scarf.

Some photos:

See how those seams just aren’t perfect? argh.

But how cute is this going to be???? And it doesn’t even have the icord edging yet!!


My magic ball scarf blocking. The close up is of my favorite section. I’ll have to re-photograph over a plain background so you can see. It’s such beautiful color and fuzziness in this section! I’m not sure if this is for MIL or Aunt Joan yet. Time will tell!



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