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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


that’s Washcloth In Progress!

I decided that after agonizing over what to get a particular person for her birthday I would stick with some tried-and-true bath stuff. Having previously rejected the idea of knitting something because I couldn’t bring myself to knit for such a likely-to-be-hateful-in-some-way-about-it recipient, I bought the gift and set it aside and that was that. Until, of course, late last night, when I realized I could not actually gift bath stuff without an accompanying hand-knit washcloth. So. The gifting occurs on T-day, I should be able to bang this out today.


Now that I look at the picture I think the yarn is knitting up kind of weird - green/white striped sections separated by yellow blobs. Whatever (heh, typed blogs instead of blobs at first). I’m not going to actually care that much about it given the situation. I do like the pattern, though. It’s pretty cute. If I make one for myself I think I might use a size 6 instead of 7 needle, though. It’s kind of a flabby cloth. Again - whatever.


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