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Thursday, January 25, 2007

swatchy - cascade 220, knitpicks needles

Isn’t it beautiful?


This is the actual color, although probably not the color I will actually use. Yeah, I know. That’s poor sick Oskar in the background.
Anyway, pre-blocking, I got >21 st/inch with size 6 needles, 21 w/size 7, and 19 w/size 8. The pattern calls for 19.5 st/in. So, I soaked it and put it down to dry and we’ll see what it does. I’m hoping to get gauge w/size 7s... I like that fabric the best.



Anonymous Alice said...

Yea! Now I could three of us! So sorry to hear about Oskar being ill. Very stressful when our own are sick. Hang in there and I'll keep checking on you!

8:02 PM  

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