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Thursday, July 20, 2006

just some thoughts

My youngest is napping a bit unexpectedly right now, and I thought I might take the time to write a little bit before I pick up my picovoli (although I suppose I should really be calling it tivoli since I didn’t use the picot edging. Oh well, whatever.)

I bought some yarn to make yet another booga bag, but I don’t have the right needles. I decided I want to try making it out of a bulky weight yarn, and I really need a size 13. I tried with a 15 but it was way too loose, and the 10.5 I have is too small, and I just can’t seem to find one in a 13, which is really irritating.

I can’t figure out why I keep procrastinating picovoli. I really want to wear it -- but, it’s for me, is I think the problem here. Most of my knitting is for someone else. I think I just can’t get motivated when it’s “just” for me. What’s my problem, anyway? I’m not worth knitting for??

I’m going to work on this picovoli now. I have inspired myself.


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