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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

what the...??

OK. I was looking at patterns here: and saw one called “Bamboo variation 1 -1” as well as the one I’m using called “Bamboo Cloth - 2.” Now, the pattern I’m using credits Vaunda Rae Giberson as the designer, and the pattern says the stitches used are YRN = yarn around needle and M1= make one stitch. Then in the pattern, the pattern row includes the section *YRN to M1, K2, pass M1 over K2*.

OK, so, I could not find any reference anywhere to what “YRN” meant but when you wrap the yarn around the needle without knitting a stitch, well - isn’t that a yarnover (YO)?? Actually I take that back - I see here according to the publishers of the Harmony stitch library books, YF, YFON, YFRN, YON, and YRN all are the same as YO. So, I’m right. OK.

So here is what I do not get:
Back at ye olde dishcloth boutique, I looked at the bamboo variation pattern. Under “designer” it says “Karen has adapted the original bamboo cloth pattern by Vaunda Rae Giberson.” The pattern reads exactly the same (even the stitches used section still says YRN and M1) except in the pattern row it reads *YO, K2, pass YO over K2*. Then near the bottom it says “Thank you so much Karen for sharing this pattern and allowing me to post it on this site.”

I do not get it. Why is Karen getting any credit for doing anything here? This is not a different pattern! I do see that the photo with the variation is of the WS and the photo with the original is of the RS but still. It’s the same pattern with the abbreviation “YRN to M1” replaced by the abbreviation “YO.” It’s not an adaptation and I think it’s really weird.



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