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Friday, February 23, 2007

exciting new project

Well, everything has been going great with the ribby cardi and all, but I got some exciting news today and have had to set RC aside in favor of a new project.

Shortly before the birth of my youngest child, my friend P lost her infant son who was then 3 mos old, to what was posthumously diagnosed as most likely to have been long QT syndrome, although the death certificate states SIDS (subsequent to the baby’s death, P and her husband got screened for LQT and P turns out to have it). I actually went into labor at the funeral. It was obviously horrible. Anyway.

I talked to P today and found out she’s been keeping a secret -- she’s days away from heading to Guatemala to finalize the adoption of her new 5 month old son J!!

I immediately picked out some lovely variegated blue/green/purple yarn to make the Minnowknits Garter Cardi (#168 QK)
I have 2.5 inches of the back done so far :)


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