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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

another boring post

I have four rows left on my shetland triangle. FOUR ROWS! I thought I made a mistake on the third row of edging, but either I didn’t, or I made another mistake in one of the two subsequent rows which evened it out ;). So, the thing is almost done. I’m kind of nervous once again. I have project-finishing anxiety, it seems like! I am really not sure why, just, I guess, a lack of faith that it will block out and look like it is supposed to. Right now it is so lumpy and disheveled looking. I showed it to someone I ran into at B&N today (I was KIP there, which I find amusing because until a year ago I would have been NIP there. Never been K&NIP, though) and she was like “um, ok, gee, gosh, that’s lovely...” with this “that is so hideous” look on her face. Ptui on her. This is the triangle I’m making out of that wonderful alpaca tweed I raved about a while back, btw. So hang on, I expect that it shouldn’t take me more than a week to do these four rows (bear in mind that with >220 st/row a row is no small matter) and then who knows how long to BO and then block the sucker... but then there will be pictures!


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