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Monday, June 26, 2006


is nowhere near done. I had a couple of hours to knit today and ended up using half of it to help my mom, who is ruining her tank top project. Oy. She didn’t read the pattern, she knitted the “worsted weight” version with a bulky weight yarn, and it’s coming out about 2 inches too big across - and she’s thin. She also didn’t count right and had too many stitches by the time she got to the neck, and then she somehow decreased too much on the shoulders and ended up with 9 stitches per shoulder instead of 12. I don’t know what the hell she was doing but it was Driving. Me. Crazy. watching her refuse to follow a chart or in any way make a note of what row she was on while doing sections of the pattern that read something like “knit until 3 stitches left, K2tog, K1; purl next row; repeat last two rows four times.” She would just start DOING it and then get lost in the middle.

So. Not much progress to report. I’m only through about 7 of the 8 knit/increase/increase round groups for the yoke. I CANNOT WAIT until I finish this part. Seriously. SERIOUSLY!

My 3 yr old told me she wants me to knit her some sunscreen! BWAHAHAHA. And she wants me to knit a scarf for Mr. Teddy Jr (her little sister’s teddy bear). So cute.


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