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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I know, I know

Tivoli, picovoli, tomato, tomahto... still sitting there mostly done the waist decreases. Perhaps it is a fear that it will not fit that is keeping me from working on it. I would LOVE to have it done by vacation (8/19) but that is sooooo unlikely - not least because in between trying to keep up with the massive tomato crop I have started knitting these addictive garterlac dishcloths.

Here’s a WIP, with tomatoes:


Heh. I can just BARELY make out the snippet of text on the bottom of my scratch paper post-it note - something about zoonotic parasites and heartworm prevention. Those are my Heartgard (tm) promotional post-it notes! No heartworms were harmed in the making of this dishcloth.


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