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Monday, November 27, 2006

in which she describes stuff

I made myself one of those bamboo variation one dishcloths. I really like it; I haven’t photographed it yet. I used the same greeny color of cotton I used for SILFH’s cloth. It’s hanging out in my bathroom with my orange garterlac washcloth

My column of leaves scarf is getting nice and long; it’s also FULL of mistakes. I think my problem is that sometimes there is a YO between a P and a K and I screw it up and throw off my stitch counts. So there are a couple of spots I ended up having to M1 (I just Kfb); there is also one place where try as I might I could NOT figure out what happened and after unknitting and reknitting two rows a few times I just went with it. The center ridge of the scarf is therefore running up the center from the bottom, and then somehow moves over one stitch at one point, I really don’t get it because it is still in the center... I’ll have to photograph this, but I’m not ready.

I keep thinking “oh, no one will notice” but I’m at the point where I’m pretty sure I can’t give this scarf away. Which is ok - I kind of love it, actually. But, I also like giving stuff away. So, we’ll see.


Blogger Lisa L said...

SHHH - just don't tell anyone - I don't think the recipient would notice anything!

10:09 AM  

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