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Friday, December 01, 2006

mother bear project

I finished my bear for the mother bear project; I just have to do his scarf and then some pics.

I went to a stitch’n bitch last night! It was ok. Sadly, I’ve been suffering from a migraine and I was pretty out of sorts - although I felt good enough to go, I wasn’t myself. Most of the women I originally met up with were a lot younger than I am; then some older ones came and joined. There was only one woman I really seemed to click with and she’s moving to Phoenix. The rest of them seemed nice though and one of them showed me how to do cables. We’ll see. They invited me back so I’ll try again but I won’t break my neck to get there. It’s a rough time for me, they usually meet at bedtime. Seems like I was the only one with young kids at home (the others are all pre-kids or post-kids!)

Up late last night, I tried making a washcloth in the dark to relax myself. I knitted about 9 inches by 4 inches and then frogged it because it was pissing me off. Boy I was not feeling the love last night. I need some serious medication.


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