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Monday, February 26, 2007

baby J's sweater...

I have major progress on the sweater for baby J, aka JVS, a soon to be new member of our community and circle of friends, as soon as his parents get back from Guatemala with him (expected arrival no later than 3/5/07 but mom-to-be gave me a one week fudge factor so I’m on standby playdate duty for their older child through 3/10).

I’ve completed the back and both fronts; I’ve completed the left sleeve, which is knit flat by picking up stitches along the edge of the front and back. Do you have ANY idea how stressful that is, to try to make sure it is lined up right? I really wanted to do the side seaming FIRST, but - for whatever reason I felt obligated to follow the pattern. So, here are three snaps - a full picture, a cuff detail, and a shot of the buttons I plan to use. Well, one of them. Hopefully it’s boyish enough. Purple can be boyish I think, if surrounded by blues and greens, right? The button has an olive green circumferential stripe there that maybe doesn’t show in the pic. I think this colorway is going to be great for what I expected to be a darker-than-average-around-here baby. Of course I fully realize he could be the palest Guatemalan baby ever and he could be blond for all I know so I guess I will shut up about that. Who cares? He’s going to be S’s brother and P and D’s son. Woo hoo! And, he will have this sweater to keep him warm.


In other knitting news, Lilah’s hat is missing
I’m 99% sure it is in the house but it’s been missing for a week and we’re all really bummed out.


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