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Thursday, May 31, 2007

one row to go

That’s right. ONE ROW.

K2, SM, YO, K9, YO, [K1, YO, K9, YO] x 10; SM, K1, SM, [YO, K9, YO, K1] x 10; YO, K9, YO, SM, K2

Bind off “very loosely.” Um, ok, yeah, that’s a trick I haven’t mastered but I’ll do my best. Actually I have a method of doing that but it will take a while. Actually the whole row is likely to take a while, I think I’m up to 267 stitches or thereabouts.

The last row I did took me 24 minutes to do, and this is a bit longer -- but, the purl rows seem to take me slightly longer than the pattern rows (the last pattern row I did took me only 21 minutes, and there were not 3 minutes more stitches on the subsequent row!). In any case this row will probably take me in the vicinity of a half hour and then I will bind off which will probably take me another half an hour and then I will be done and have to block this thing.

I HOPE I can get it blocked tonight but probably won’t be able to. But I really am getting finishitis.


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