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Monday, December 17, 2007

Deaklet scarf

I’m feeling slightly posty (waiting for something to finish here in the kitchen and my finger is bleeding so I can’t touch my sea silk project...) so here’s another project I never blogged, but merely Raveled.

I made a one-row handspun scarf from the Yarn Harlot’s pattern. I used a skein of Brooks Farm Riata which my lovely friend Leslie sent me as a gift, IIRC in response to my offering her some information regarding her kitten’s viral status following routine testing, in other words she went way overboard, but in a nice way
I have tons left over so I can make a hat, or most of a hat, to go with this scarf:

Note: that’s an old Malabrigo My So-called Scarf blocking in the foreground. It had gotten way ratty and I was just freshening it up.

I am totally loving this scarf and wearing it ALL THE TIME!!!


Blogger Sarah said...

I love the way the colors zigzagged! (In both scarves, actually, not just the new one!)

11:25 PM  

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