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Monday, November 24, 2008

hats for men

I have knit two hats in three days. See, I found out on Wednesday that it was Micah’s birthday on Thursday. I didn’t have time to process that and I figured I wouldn’t see him til Tuesday anyway so whatever. I decided to try to make him a hat over the weekend. But when I spoke to Michael, he said “well, just give him the hat you made me - I never wear it. It’s too itchy.” He gave me his hat back. I thought about it and decided that now, that hat (viewable to Ravelry members at -- sorry everyone else) is relegated to the hat reject pile. I mean, I can’t re-gift a rejected hat, even if it is totally my husband’s BS that makes the hat rejected (I can wear the hat just fine. It’s not too itchy for a normal person ).

But, now I had a husband who admitted wanting a hat. Husband trumps colleague, so I made Michael a hat first.
He actually modelled it for me!


The reverse is so pretty, isn’t it? I used traveling color changes to avoid a major seam. Anyway, it’s Jared Flood’s “Turn a Square” and I used the leftover green llama-silk from my minimalist funnel neck that I made myself, and my leftover grey alpaca from the mittens I made myself. (those projects also available in my Ravelry notebook! I am user webhill). It’s soft and wearable for Michael and he wore it twice so far with no problems.

So then yesterday I was able to cast on a hat for Micah. I used stash yarn again, go me! I also used the same pattern. FAST knit.
He also willingly modeled it.

From Knitworth new

From Knitworth new

From Knitworth new

From Knitworth new

This hat is made from Blue Sky Alpaca’s worsted hand-dyed yarn that I had leftover from Jacob’s navy blue sweater, and some baby blue Cashmerino Aran I had lying around from who knows what project I used it on. Oh, MIL’s scarf that was my first lace project, Branching Out! Ha. Bad yarn choice for THAT project, but great in this hat. Anyway. I magic looped both of these hats. This one I cast on fewer stitches because the yarn is bigger.

Moving on. Now I have to decide what to knit next. Such agony. I truly can’t decide. I’m such a loser. I have a bunch of laceweight waiting for me to do a new wrap of some kind. I have a billion things in queue. I should just DECIDE and get started. I’m just restless about it. Maybe socks. I have bad sock mojo and maybe now is time to fix that. Oh, right, I said I was MOVING ON.

I am so happy that these guys both really seem to love their hats. It really makes me feel good when someone appreciates my work!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Knitty's daisy in lana grossa cool wool. For my sil.

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