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Friday, June 29, 2007

Poor neglected knitting

I’ve been so stressed lately. The sweater has been brushed aside because I felt it was ADDING to my stress by making me worry about running out of yarn! The good news is that I am one inch (approx 4 rows) from doing the pre-cuff decrease round on the second sleeve. After that it’s just a few rounds of seed stitch and binding off. The bad news is that then, I have to pick out the body bind-off and add a couple of inches, because I’ve decided the body isn’t long enough, and I do have the spare yarn to do it. I’ve never successfully un-bound-off a project. It’s not hard, is it? Please say it’s not hard. The other good news is this yarn is dead easy to splice and hardly shows at all.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

cabin fever reply

I emailed them about my sweater math problem and they said:

Hi Hillary,
You are quite correct. That would not add up. It should read
"measures 13 (15)" from the Divide Round" then it would end up to be
22" long when the last stripe rolled up at the bottom.
Thanks for pointing that out. I'm glad when knitters find our errors
so they can be corrected.
Thanks again,Deb Gemmell

So, at least I know now :)

Friday, June 08, 2007

sweater math

This does not make sense.
I’m using a Cabin Fever sweater pattern (#610, but I’m not striping it, ooooh, living dangerously here...)
So you cast on and start knitting at the top of the neck, you knit until the collar measures 2 1/2“ from the cast on edge, then you start raglan increases, and you “continue...until the yoke measures 7” from the bottom of the neckband.“ So, that’s 9.5 inches so far, right? OK. You divide for sleeves, yada yada.... knit until the sweater measures 15” from the bottom of the rolled collar, then you do a decrease round and knit six rounds and then cast off. OK. But, the sweater’s final dimension for the size I am doing is supposed to be 22 inches. Six rounds is about an inch and a half - let’s call it two including the decrease round and binding off. so, 15 inches from bottom of collar plus 2 inches is 17 inches. Even if I add back in the 2.5 inches of collar, that’s 19.5, not 22 inches. WTF? Am I insane?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Knitting book score!

So, Amazon was having this incredible sale...

Knitting Nature and Last Minute Knitted Gifts as a twopack for $10.98 (list prices $29.50 and $24.95 respectively)
Knit 2 Together for $5.50 (list price $27.50)
Greetings from Knit Cafe for $4.99 (list price $24.95)

So i bought those, as well as a regularly priced copy of Yarnplay, so I would qualify for free shipping. Well, the copy of Knitting Nature that I got is bound upside-down and backwards. Not a major problem, but the sale did not state the book would be defective so I felt I should notify amazon. I emailed them a note that while I was happy to keep the book because I was able to use it just fine, I wanted them to know it was not as advertised, and i wanted their assurance that they’d be more careful in the future to either advertise a deeply discounted item as defective or to ensure that it is NOT defective before shipping.

They emailed me back that they are crediting me for $10.98!

So, let’s add it up:

Knitting Nature
Knit 2 Together $5.50
Greetings from Knit Cafe $4.99
Yarnplay $15.63

Total                                 26.12

26.12 /5=5.22

Five and a quarter per book. Not too shabby, really. I feel a lot better about sneaking that full priced copy of Yarnplay onto the list ;)

Friday, June 01, 2007

and here we go

I just came from the Tangled Web and I brought home with me a cabin fever pattern for a striped top-down raglan sweater using a chunky yarn, and six hanks of Blue Sky Alpacas Blue Sky Worsted hand-dyes, color 2013 - a navy blue with hints of black, but not enough to make it unwearable per the school dress code, I think. This is going to be one expensive sweater for a six year old, but he’s so worth it It’s knitting up for me at 3.5 st/inch on size 10.5 needles, and it is the perfect fabric at that gauge. More tightly knit would not be wearable for my son, who is a space heater on leg! This yarn is 50% merino, 50% alpaca, very snuggly, and hopefully will meet his alpaca standard (the kid prefers alpaca to wool, generally speaking. I mean, so do I, but, I find his preference amusing).