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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

new projects!

In the works:

Charity bear - started the legs

Kid’s color block cardigan from Oneskein - cast on one stitch - I’m using Lamb’s Pride Bulky in a dark purple, a purply pink, orange, and a forest green, and then a cascade yarn very similar to the LPB in a kiwi color.

Magic ball scarf - for MIL for chanukah - I have the winter woodland colorway.

I’m going to go start Lilah’s sweater now!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

the sweater and a new take on an old booga

The sweater is done! the sweater is done! This is pre-blocking:


It’s currently up in my bathroom (away from the cat) drying. Woo hoo!

Inspired by Suzy’s bag, I put a lining in my own booga bag (I use this bag all the time). The junk on the bottom of the bag is covering the lining, sorry, I put my stuff back in before I took a picture


while waiting for the sweater

An older FO. This is Little Mr. Teddy’s scarf, made from Lamb’s Pride bulky in a variety of stitches during a moment of desperation on vacation when I realized I couldn’t face the Jaywalkers, and LMT’s neck was naked.


sweater report

20 rows to go on the second sleeve. Unfortunately for me, Naomi has decided she wants one too. I’m never going to get to use my Peruvian Tweed for myself, am I??

This sweater will be FINISHED by tomorrow latest, and blocked thereafter and then he can wear it. I’m psyched

Now I have to go find very soft worsted weight ORANGE yarn. SIGH. Suggestions??

Sunday, October 29, 2006

testing, one two three yada yada


Friday, October 27, 2006

Suzy's birthday bag

My husband’s grandma is turning mumblesomething, and I decided she’d like a homemade gift for a change. I mean, she HAS everything and certainly doesn’t NEED anything I can buy, and I can’t afford the things she REALLY enjoys that are buyable, so, without further ado....I bring you Suzy’s bag:

I do not understand why, when all the photos are taken with the same camera settings, and exported with the same size settings, some turn out bigger than others. I really do not. But whatever.


I used brown worsted weight wool and the variegated blue/purple/cranberry wool on I THINK 6.5 mm US 10 1/2 needles, and ran it through the wash twice to felt it.
The following photo nicely shows off the custom label sewn in with cranberry thread, and the six feet of i-cord for handles. I did a foot of brown, a foot of variegated, two feet of brown, a foot of variegated, a foot of brown, and cut in the middle


This is my first time lining a bag. Also my first time using grommets. I hand-stitched (obviously) a cranberry cloth lining.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

trying it on

This is actually a little old; I have since finished that sleeve and started the next one
Also on the needles is another bag like I made for Alissa. It will be for Grandma Suzy’s birthday!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

regarding Jacob's sweater...

A record for myself here - I’m using Plymouth Yarn’s Baby Alpaca DK - here’s a pic of the label:

It’s really coming along. I’m getting kind of excited. I’ve used three balls of yarn so far (out of an expected 6.5), and I’ve been splicing the yarn and you really can’t tell. At least, I can’t tell. Maybe someone else can but I really don’t care

I stopped in at my LYS last week and sat and worked on the sweater for a little while. There were several groups of out of towners who came in while I was there and each time someone assumed I worked there, which was odd, as that has never happened to me before. One old lady in particular very much admired my oversized striped Booga bag, so I wrote down the pattern URL for her and she’s going to get her grandson to download it for her so she can make one. She never felted anything before but she has always wanted to!

I am one small step closer to making an hourglass sweater - I made a copy of the pattern and put it into my pile of imminent projects (as opposed to my big library of patterns/books that will never see the light of day again). I wonder if I could use my beloved Peruvian Tweed for that sweater? But, I really wanted to use it for a ribbed sweater. I may have to make a ribbed sweater first. Ah, so many patterns and so little time!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

proof of progress...

Oh, this is nearly unbearable. The horrible horrible pictures and to top it off, they are sideways. I apologize. This is Jacob’s sweater. I’m almost ready to split off the sleeves. Must hunt up some waste yarn! Oh, and yes, that is a pair of handknit socks drying in the background :)


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

a fresh start!

It was pointed out to me that some of the pictures in my previous entries are, well - wrong. Uh, I have no idea how that happened. I see that the photos which are coded into the page are correctly coded - but, when I originally uploaded them, they were different pictures and somehow it is as if they were overwritten by new files with the same names. I can’t imagine how or when that would occur. I will have to look into it but I’m going to overlook it for now and pretend it’s not happening. Just FYI. Moving on.

Oh, I never posted a WIP shot of the poncho. Here’s that:


Well. Having finished the poncho,


I was itching to start the sweater for Jacob, but didn’t have the pattern in hand. No sooner had I started bitching about how long it was taking to get the pattern from Canada, than did the pattern appear! (NB: I humbly and with great pride accept the “awkward sentence construction” award for the previous sentence. Thank you. Thank you all.) So of course I cast on and woo hoo! I have the neck done. It’s going to be a simple top down raglan rollneck, nothing exciting and I probably didn’t need a pattern but - well, what the hell am I saying, of course i need the pattern. I really really need the pattern. I can’t just make stuff up as I go along. I am not that kind of girl!

Anyway. Hopefully it will be a wonderful sweater. So far so good:

After that, I might start my still-no-pattern v-neck ribbed sweater that I want to make out of my Peruvian tweed... or I might finish my sadly forgotten Jaywalkers. Or, I might have to finish the “Alyssa’s Bag” booga (quick reminder photos!):


I’m making myself (did I mention - I gave hers to her as a Rosh Hashanah gift and she LOVED it. In fact she sent me a handwritten note which I got today, which is funny because she lives across the street :)) - assuming of course I don’t finish it WHILE I am working on the sweater. It’s living next to my bed, for “in the dark” knitting, so, you know - it’s possible.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

another FO!

I finished the poncho I made for Naomi - pattern P451 IIRC, from Plymouth. I used Encore worsted for the bright orange, and Cascade 220 for the other colors - Naomi picked them all out, and I did the striping pretty randomly.
I really hope she will wear it. It’s pretty darn cute