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Sunday, July 02, 2006


That sheep I knit... it’s starting to haunt me. The kids apparently had a huge fight over it while I was at work. First of all, I’d like to state for the record that it’s been living in Naomi’s room since I knit it up, and Jacob has never expressed any interest in it at all. Neither has Lilah. So anyway, suddenly Naomi is carrying it somewhere and Jacob starts calling it “Meep,” and they had a fight over whether his name is “Meep” or “Sheepie.” I had always thought it was “Sheepie,” but what do I know? Michael apparently defused this by explaining that just like he has two names (I call him Michael; the kids call him Daddy), Sheepie can have two names - Meep and Sheepie. That calmed things down and then it was a matter of who got to play with him, which was solved with the use of a timer.

Today we had another big fight, and several small fights. I am going to have to knit another sheep. I do not WANT to knit another sheep. That thing took FOREVER to knit. Argh. Plus, Jacob wants a black one, and I am not cool with knitting in black. Maybe I can make a brown one. Or an orange one? Argh.

Note to self: do not knit sheep if at all avoidable!

I was going to include a shot of the sheep, but I realized there is already one in this blog. So, here is a pic of the iPod sock I knit my dad for his birthday back in April.



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