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Monday, September 11, 2006

photo updates

I am still waiting for my husband to return the camera. He says he is doing something very involved with our vacation pictures. Anyway he has it. So, meanwhile, some cellphone snapshots:

I just cast on for a broken rib scarf for my BIL. This is 100% superfine alpaca called Peruvian Tweed. It’s undyed and therefore, I assume, each ply is from a different animal, because each strand of yarn is a different color. The yarn I have is kind of a black, dark brown, and light brown, twisted together. I am using 3 strands held together which I think makes a very heavy worsted or very light bulky weight yarn.


This is my own finished baby alpaca broken rib scarf, made of one strand of Big Baby held with one strand of Glimmer:


Sort of a crappy close up of that:

And that’s as far as I’ve gotten on my Jaywalkers. Oh well.



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