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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

a fresh start!

It was pointed out to me that some of the pictures in my previous entries are, well - wrong. Uh, I have no idea how that happened. I see that the photos which are coded into the page are correctly coded - but, when I originally uploaded them, they were different pictures and somehow it is as if they were overwritten by new files with the same names. I can’t imagine how or when that would occur. I will have to look into it but I’m going to overlook it for now and pretend it’s not happening. Just FYI. Moving on.

Oh, I never posted a WIP shot of the poncho. Here’s that:


Well. Having finished the poncho,


I was itching to start the sweater for Jacob, but didn’t have the pattern in hand. No sooner had I started bitching about how long it was taking to get the pattern from Canada, than did the pattern appear! (NB: I humbly and with great pride accept the “awkward sentence construction” award for the previous sentence. Thank you. Thank you all.) So of course I cast on and woo hoo! I have the neck done. It’s going to be a simple top down raglan rollneck, nothing exciting and I probably didn’t need a pattern but - well, what the hell am I saying, of course i need the pattern. I really really need the pattern. I can’t just make stuff up as I go along. I am not that kind of girl!

Anyway. Hopefully it will be a wonderful sweater. So far so good:

After that, I might start my still-no-pattern v-neck ribbed sweater that I want to make out of my Peruvian tweed... or I might finish my sadly forgotten Jaywalkers. Or, I might have to finish the “Alyssa’s Bag” booga (quick reminder photos!):


I’m making myself (did I mention - I gave hers to her as a Rosh Hashanah gift and she LOVED it. In fact she sent me a handwritten note which I got today, which is funny because she lives across the street :)) - assuming of course I don’t finish it WHILE I am working on the sweater. It’s living next to my bed, for “in the dark” knitting, so, you know - it’s possible.


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