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Saturday, October 14, 2006

regarding Jacob's sweater...

A record for myself here - I’m using Plymouth Yarn’s Baby Alpaca DK - here’s a pic of the label:

It’s really coming along. I’m getting kind of excited. I’ve used three balls of yarn so far (out of an expected 6.5), and I’ve been splicing the yarn and you really can’t tell. At least, I can’t tell. Maybe someone else can but I really don’t care

I stopped in at my LYS last week and sat and worked on the sweater for a little while. There were several groups of out of towners who came in while I was there and each time someone assumed I worked there, which was odd, as that has never happened to me before. One old lady in particular very much admired my oversized striped Booga bag, so I wrote down the pattern URL for her and she’s going to get her grandson to download it for her so she can make one. She never felted anything before but she has always wanted to!

I am one small step closer to making an hourglass sweater - I made a copy of the pattern and put it into my pile of imminent projects (as opposed to my big library of patterns/books that will never see the light of day again). I wonder if I could use my beloved Peruvian Tweed for that sweater? But, I really wanted to use it for a ribbed sweater. I may have to make a ribbed sweater first. Ah, so many patterns and so little time!


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