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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

column of leaves - all done!

woo hoo! an FO post!
Because it’s all about finishing, really.

3 balls plus a little more of Rowan Cashsoft Aran. I forget the color, but it’s a light dusty blue - I think it looks a bit darker in these pics because it’s wet. I will eventually post a dry, in-use sort of picture Ultimate destination still unknown. Originally planned for MIL, but I don’t know. I might keep it, or give it to mom or GMIL. I just am not sure. There’s another gift opportunity I have coming up too, maybe I will use this for that. We’ll see. Time will tell...

And also - my Mother Bear Project bear!
Leaning up against a roll of paper towels:


On my kitchen table - note tag with my name on it as per instructions. I just threaded it onto some yarn and ran it through the paw with a slip knot so they can take it off easily... Also hanging out with my food processor and rice cooker, and taking a ride in a booga bag!


...before reaching the penultimate destination of the knit-in organizer’s office sofa:



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