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Monday, December 11, 2006

weird Patons yarn

So, I ordered a bunch of stuff from Joann’s, because I was using the 50% off coupon to get a swift and I figured why not add in some sale yarn? It was just a few colors of Patons classic wool 100% merino worsted weight yarn. So, anyway, I got I think six skeins, and five were fine, and one (True Red) was weird. Looking at it, it appeared to be a skein of laceweight yarn. However, when I looked down in the center of the skein I could see that at some point it was correctly plied as worsted weight yarn. I called Joann’s, and they are sending me a new skein of this yarn, and I get to keep this one. Of course I have no real idea what to do with it (because I’ve no idea how much is laceweight and how much is worsted weight!) but I’m sure it will come in handy eventually. I’m happy Joann’s isn’t making me send it back. I wonder if anyone else has seen this sort of manufacturing defect? I will probably post pictures later :)


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