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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

everything old is new again

When I was pregnant with Lilah, I knit a hat - the umbilical cord hat from SnB, actually. Lilah did wear it a little bit as a baby, but of course it was huge on her (she was a teeny weeny little thing) and by the time it wasn’t, it was no longer hat weather. This is the hat as it was then:

It was my first hat, and I was sad she couldn’t really get much use out of it.

Well, today, it’s cold out, and Lilah was rummaging through the closet, and she found the hat. She put it on and it was too small! So, I added an inch and a bit of ribbing, and an inch of stockinette to give another nice rolled edge. Here she is in her refurbished hat:

She loves it! I’m so happy :)


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