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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

it doesn't compare

to yesterday’s photo quality, but I do have one more picture to share that I just took with my phone after casting off the neckband of the Garter Cardi for baby J:


It’s unblocked, unseamed, and unfiddledwithtofixsomesmallissues, but I think it’s just very cute.

I did find out that what I’d thought was an error in the pattern (the shoulder seam’s 3-needle-bind-off instructions stated to hold the wrong sides together) was not, it was a “design feature” as per Jil (who did after all write the pattern). She says reversing the bind-off add structure for babies “with hardly any shoulders” and also a nice “design line.” OK, well, to me it just looks inside-out that way so I did it the regular way. I figure the underlying structure is there regardless!


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