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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Knitting book score!

So, Amazon was having this incredible sale...

Knitting Nature and Last Minute Knitted Gifts as a twopack for $10.98 (list prices $29.50 and $24.95 respectively)
Knit 2 Together for $5.50 (list price $27.50)
Greetings from Knit Cafe for $4.99 (list price $24.95)

So i bought those, as well as a regularly priced copy of Yarnplay, so I would qualify for free shipping. Well, the copy of Knitting Nature that I got is bound upside-down and backwards. Not a major problem, but the sale did not state the book would be defective so I felt I should notify amazon. I emailed them a note that while I was happy to keep the book because I was able to use it just fine, I wanted them to know it was not as advertised, and i wanted their assurance that they’d be more careful in the future to either advertise a deeply discounted item as defective or to ensure that it is NOT defective before shipping.

They emailed me back that they are crediting me for $10.98!

So, let’s add it up:

Knitting Nature
Knit 2 Together $5.50
Greetings from Knit Cafe $4.99
Yarnplay $15.63

Total                                 26.12

26.12 /5=5.22

Five and a quarter per book. Not too shabby, really. I feel a lot better about sneaking that full priced copy of Yarnplay onto the list ;)


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