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Thursday, December 28, 2006

hat hat hat

(I keep hearing the song “hot hot hot” in my head except the guy is singing “hat hat hat.”)

So, that hat? It came out way too big.


I semi-felted (by hand, in the bathroom sink, with scalding hot water ouch, as my husband languished in bed waiting for me) it and am giving it to my friend Linda who is moving to Switzerland in 2 weeks. I think it will be nice and warm for her, and she was admiring it as I knitted it and she will be shocked to get it, so, it’s all good:


Please to be ignoring my frighteningly pointy nose in that picture, thankyouverymuch.

This is the inside of the hat for those who are into the insides of hats. I did, btw, consider felting it more and calling it a bowl, but, well - nah.


I made another hat for my BIL:



The hat is not crooked. I just put it on crooked. So sue me.

Because I am now on a roll and freaked out that maybe this hat sucks, I am working on a matching one for his little boy:


Now, please note: I realize the colors pooled in BIL’s hat. I’m not a moron. However, I gotta say, I LOVE the unintended “camo pattern” effect. So there.

Notice how I’m totally NOT mentioning the Shetland Triangle??


Blogger Kissed Knitter said...

Personally, I think the hat looks nice. It doesn't look too big in the picture. I have made several and everyone thinks mine are too small....they don't understand that they are those beanie type kids are not cool yet. I try to make them bigger but have yet to get one too big.

2:06 PM  

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