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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

OK, not much of a break :)

L is just TOO CUTE in her matched sweater and booga bag set, IMO:


Last night when the kids had been put to bed, I asked my husband “did you get your brother a birthday present? His party is Saturday...” and he said “didn’t you say you were going to make something?” Um, no... I had previously asked if I SHOULD make something, and gotten one of those gung-ho enthusiastic “uh, I dunno” responses, so I hadn’t really planned on making anything. It’s HIS brother, he should have been in charge, right? Anyway. He said I should go ahead and make a hat. I found some Paton’s Merino in a colorway called “Forest” in my stash. I’m doing a K2P2 brim, then a stockinette hat with purl ridges about every 10 rows. I tried it onto my mom’s head while having lunch today and it looks SO CUTE on a head. Not so much off a head, but, whatever.


Also, I realized the other day that my parents were back from their cruise and I had no Chanukah present for my mom yet. I cranked out a scarf really fast using the Airy Scarf pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I used one ball of Rowan Kidsilk Night in a silvery sparkly color, held together with a strand of a fingering weight lavender colored alpaca yarn called Glimmer which contains an opalescent strand of something within it. The effect did NOT photograph well but take my word for it - it’s a frothy bubbly soft concoction and my mom actually LIKED it which is saying something.


I also knit myself a paw-print dishloth just to get rid of some yarn. I really don’t feel like MOVING this entire stash 0.4 miles to the new house. Easier to knit it all up and move the knitted items that are left after gifting reduces the haul.


So that’s about it. Now I gotta finish this hat. I have NO idea what i’m doing decrease-wise...


Blogger Lisa L said...

That is too cute! She will have to grow into the bag though! :-)

10:16 AM  

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