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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

not much to report

But I don’t think I showed my calorimetry-inspired simple ribbed headband off. See, I made Calorimetry, which I do love, and then you know it was really quite unREASONABLY unseasonably warm for a few days - so I made the leftover yarn into a headband which I love and refuse to take off:

Please to be ignoring the crow’s feet, thankyouverymuch!


In other news... I think the folks at convinced me that I do NOT want to make my Peruvian Tweed DK weight alpaca yarn into a 2x2 ribbed sweater - so, I started the tiniest corner of a Shetland Triangle out of it. I’m of two minds. Me? Trying to knit a shawl? Because I have time to concentrate on this (to me) very complex pattern when? Because I have ZERO experience reading a chart. Because I have never been one for shawl-wearing... But, I do love the look of it and what the hell?

Now I need a new sweater plan though, because I have never knit myself a sweater and I want to do it!


Anonymous Meira said...

Well, then. I heartily recommend the top-down sweater from Cabin Fever
paired with some Cascade 220 or some such. . . (I'm wearing one right now!) It's not fancy or challenging, but it is easy, relatively cheap, has a great strategy for the neckline (no picking up stitches later!), no finishing . . .
And if you're willing to decide mid-way through that it actually fits some other member of the family -- no swatching!

1:52 PM  

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