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Friday, December 15, 2006

the Shipley hat!

My son requested a hat in school colors.
This is in the Plymouth DK alpaca I used for his sweater - some of the leftover green from that, and a navy I got on clearance at my LYS. IIRC I knit it on size 5s but I’m not 100% sure. I cast on 96 stitches and did a little tiny bit of stockinette so it would have a rolly edge to match the sweater and then did 2x2 ribbing until it seemed big enough to decrease. Then I placed a marker every 16 stitches, and then every other row K2tog before the marker. After a bit I felt I wasn’t decreasing fast enough so I k2tog each row before marker. Then I was down to something like 3 stiches on each needle, and my needles fell out somehow, clattering to the floor quite loudly and yet not waking up Michael, whom I had found sleeping soundly upon my return from book club at 9:30 PM. Phew. So then it took me AN HOUR to get the thing back on the needles and when I did, it was a good inch or so back from the top AND my markers were gone AND some of the stitches were either twisted or not quite correctly picked up (my first post-picking back up round, I found one stitch I had to bring up from the blue stripe region!! aaaaaaah!). So then I said screw it and I just did K2tog all the way around until it was done! I deliberately left the little pointy nipple. He looks like a little elf in it.



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