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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

bring on the fork, baby!

I unexpectedly had a little bit of free time (I thought I had a meeting to go to today, but actually I don’t have to be there til tomorrow, woo hoo!) and I did all the finishing of the sweater. It’s blocked, 98% dry anyway, and I sewed on the buttons and label and had a little photo session in what passes for my home office.

So, here it is in all its glory. I stuck the yarn label and the pattern next to it for future reference - in my full-size photo on my computer, I can read the text just fine. Note the fuel in the upper right corner of the photo...


A word about yarn choice: I knit my daughter a poncho last year out of yarn she chose based on color. It ended up being three colors of cascade 220, and one color of Plymouth Encore worsted. After that, I swore to myself I would never knit with the Encore again. It felt as I imagine knitting with plastic bags might feel. Icky. But, as it happened, when I was preparing to make this sweater, I really couldn’t find a nice superwash wool at the shop, and I ended up with this, figuring I’d suck it up. But this colorway really didn’t bother me at all. It knit up basically very similarly to the Cascade 220 I’ve been using for the Ribby Cardi. So that makes me happy, and I’m glad I chose this yarn because with everything going on with my friend she doesn’t need a “hand wash only” baby sweater thrown into the mix, and it’s done on schedule, and my hands are not offended.

Here’s a wider angle shot of the sweater on the blocking board, with one of my bovine friends watching (the rest have turned their backs on me, those fair-weather friends that they are).


And a closeup of the neck with the label sewn in. It actually worked out that it fit very nicely up against the spot where I picked up the stitches.



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