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Saturday, December 30, 2006

a day at the office

I’m a veterinarian.

In my office today I saw a lovely 81 year old woman who unfortunately had to have me euthanize her canine companions. She was wearing a beautiful handknit (by her) jacket (chanel-type cut and buttons, except a very bright pink and orange and beige variegated yarn had been used) and during the course of my trying to comfort her I mentioned that I found knitting to be a comfort. Wouldn’t you know it, she got more agitated and explained that her beloved LYS had recently closed and she didn’t have one close by her home any more. I told her where I went and she remarked that they are nice there, but it is too far a schlep for her at 81 yrs old, and also there is no one there who groks sweaters like the recently retired proprieter of her prior LYS - which is true. I felt so bad for her. To cheer her up a little bit, I showed her the hat for my nephew, which I had just finished that morning (I even used suture scissors to trim the ends of the tassel). it worked - she smiled! I still felt horrible, though. and she was crying again when she left, holding two empty leashes and collars.



Anonymous Meira (comments AT voirdire DOT org) said...

Both 'puppies' at once? That poor, poor woman. I just found a home for a kitten I'd been fostering -- she was the fifth cat in the house, but it stills feels a little empty without her here -- I can only imagine how horribly empty that woman's house is feeling today. Happy New Year, indeed.

(On a snarky note, that yarn sounds horrid. Did the bright pink/orange/beige somehow work well? How awful am I that I'm wishing -in the midst of her tragedy- that you'd managed to get a picture of her coat on your cell phone so I could (possibly) make fun of it? I am going straight to hell, no doubt.)

If she's near Glenside, my friend just opened a sewing shop that sells some yarn -- I don't think they grok sweaters, but she could find other crafty little old ladies there . . .

And on yet another side note . . . now I know who to hit up for advice on my geriatric-thyroid-impaired-cat. (Kidding!) I don't suppose you treat rats? There seems to be a lack of rat vets-- I have a friend who does rescue in Chestnut Hill & can't find a good vet close by.

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