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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Free at last!

OK, it’s independence day, and the yoke of oppression has been lifted! Jacob’s sweater is blocking. Of course now I have to decide what to do next. Pick up the in-progress Jaywalkers? Start something short and sweet like a kippah for Jacob? Naomi wants a tank top really badly - I should probably do that. But then... I have no stash-yarn that’s appropriate... but, I have so much stash... SIGH.

So, the sweater. There is an obvious (to me anyway) stripe in the midsection where one hank ends and another starts. I guess one hank was darker. I used 5 hanks plus a few rows’ worth from the sixth hank, btw, of the Blue Sky Alpaca hand-dyed worsted navy blue yarn I used for this. It’s not worsted. It’s heavy/chunky if you ask me. But anyway.

Here it is:

Bonus stash photo:

And bonus NZ-related photos:

Where I craft:

I gotta do something about that power cord running across the front of that shelving unit. I’m gonna lose that iPod dock one day.

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