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Monday, July 23, 2007

What to knit?

So, I’m still doing my feather-and-fan stole. I finished the first ball of Kidsilk Haze today and joined another ball by the oh-so-classy method of tying the ends together, leaving 2“ tails on either side, and knitting the tails in - by which I mean I laid the tails alongside the working yarn, each tail pointing in an opposite direction, leaving me with about 4 inches of yarn in which the KSH portion of the yarn (because I’m working one strand KSH and one strand Helen’s Lace, remember) was doubled. And I just made sure that those tail pieces were lying snugly against the rest of the yarn as I knit that section. It really looks perfectly fine. I can not even find the knot when I look for it now (I’m about two inches past that point - and I know for sure what section of stole it is in because I placed a safety pin about two rows before I reached the end of the ball of yarn - and I still can’t find the knot!!).

BUT. I am kind of bored with this and it doesn’t ”have to be“ done til November. So..... I’m thinking about other projects!

1. I need to knit hats for Naomi and Lilah. For N, I’m pretty sure I can use the leftover yarn from jacob’s sweater. Although, J might want a matching hat for his sweater. I could maybe eke out two hats. I’m not sure.
2. I want to make a baby kimono for the upcoming baby my SIL is having in early September
3. I want to make a baby blanket, maybe, for the same baby. I’m not 100% sure
4. I SHOULD make SOMETHING for the baby of a good friend. The baby was born March 27th, but I just got the announcement Friday. It’s a pretty good friend, we just don’t talk as often as we should! No ideas on this yet but a mutual friend of mine informs me that the baby has a baptism coming up in two or three weeks (the baby’s parents wouldn’t have invited a heathen like me into their church so I wouldn’t have otherwise known. and no, he doesn’t really think I’m a heathen, he just knows I don’t generally like going into churches and he wouldn’t have wanted to make me feel obligated to go into one!)

I *did* order Mason-Dixon knitting so I will have their baby kimono pattern when gets around to sending that to me (actually it is already sent, but it’s not here and they say I shouldn’t expect it for a while).

What to do?

Anyone have any thoughts?
I kind of have this idea about doing a plain baby blanket in organic cotton for my SIL’s baby... something that would knit up FAST, so maybe I’d hold two strands of worsted together, or find a chunky weight yarn... maybe something with a cable and a seed stitch border?

SIGH. I’m so indecisive.


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