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Monday, July 30, 2007


Well, I have completed my baby kimono, but I don’t feel like fetching the camera out of the car OR dealing with the massive clusterf*ck that is my current Aperture/iPhoto installation conflict, so I’m not going to take a picture. I’ll comment that I’m very pleased with the LOOK of the sweater, but not so thrilled with the utility of the thing, because I suspect my finishing isn’t so sturdy. See, I lined the edging with a 1.5 cm wide striped grosgrain ribbon, which looks AWESOME (IMnshO) and definitely stabilizes the stockinette edge from rolling, but you know, I’m not the happiest person when it comes to sewing, and I’m just not 100% thrilled with it. Also, I did put on those daisy buttons, but I’m not so happy with the strength of the buttonholes. Oh well. What can a newborn do to it? Actually I’m not so worried about that, as much as what the PARENTS or SIBLINGS can do to it. Well, whatever, it’s done and it’s cute.

I have also ALMOST finished my feather-and-fan wrap, and now that it’s big enough to put on and model, I’m loving it, so that’s good.

Next up: some sort of kitchen towel or washcloth or something as part of a wedding gift (I’m thinking of the LOVE washcloth I made myself last year...). The real gift is a check. I just want to put a little more personal effort into it, you know? I hate giving money.


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