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Monday, March 19, 2007

musings on a sweater

I’m nearing completion of the parts of my ribby cardi. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the right front, and since I did the sleeves first (due to not having the green yarn yet!) this is my final piece. I knit on it today while waiting to get a tire fixed. Apparently there was a screw in my tire. Weird, since Michael had a nail in his tire last week. But while I was knitting, a 3 yr old sweetie pie chattered away:

Whatchu doin’? Why knittin’? What is that? Why is it a piece of a sweater? you’re already wearing a sweater. Why you makin’ another sweater? Why is it green? Do you like green? Do you like your daddy? What’s your daddy’s name? Where is your daddy?

At that point the mom tried very hard to distract her, but fortunately for me (as I was quite enjoying this) she was unable. It went on and on (and on). Hee hee.


The thing is, I’m starting to fear finishing this piece. Once it’s done - what then? OK, so, I will block all the pieces. I will do the front bands (zipper bands?). I will sew my side seams and sleeve seams, and attach the seams. Then I will pick up and knit something for the neck (i’m thinking rollneck, but am not sure! I wonder if I could just do a teeny tiny ribbed something? I don’t even understand what the “collar” option on the pattern does!) and then.... and then.... um, yeah.

I need to put in a zipper.

This wouldn’t be such an insurmountable problem if I could only figure out WHAT ZIPPER TO BUY! I want a zipper that opens from top and bottom, and that separates. I think that is called a (everyone!) two-way separating zipper. I do not know how to get one that is the right length, or how to figure out what the right length is. I read Grumperina’s treatise on this and am just whimpering in the corner. She talks about the problem of the zipper buckling and how to avoid that by using a shorter zipper, I think, if I try to distill her article to a few words... but, I don’t know. I’m just scared of screwing it up. Plus, I’m not sure if I should get a zipper in the main body color or the sleeve color!


Anonymous Meira (comments AT voirdire DOT org) said...

A good friend of mine owns a sewing/knitting shop & has a "$5 Fridays" where you go in on friday evening and she gives you all the help you need. I'm sure she'd be able to answer your questions & give a confidence boost, all at the same time.
Her name is Dottie, you can tell her that Melanie sent you. Here's the website:
(it's ugly as hell, but that's my fault -- I'm in charge of it and just wanted to get something up fast . . .)

3:29 PM  

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